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People Nerds Category: Field Reports

Field Reports 5/19/2022

Translating Principle into Practice

Explore how dscout supports Lenovo’s commitment to access and diversity across its product ecosystem.

Field Reports 2/23/2022

Giving Voice to Small Businesses and Their Workers

Erin Duncan, a Design Research Manager at Intuit QuickBooks outlines a case study in consumer-led research and shares best practices for engaging stakeholders early.

Field Reports 2/10/2022

Research in Three Dimensions: How Fjord Mixed Modalities for Iterative Insights

Discover how Gretchen McNeely and Al Millenson of Fjord used dscout to create both an engaged panel and new go-to templates.

Field Reports 9/14/2021

A Change of Pace with Brooks Running

Connor Skutches of Brooks takes us through how the Run-Sight Lab leveraged dscout to elevate their remote research and connect with runners in 2020.

Field Reports 9/2/2021

Motivating Mindfulness: Headspace's Cross-Functional Commitment to Delighting New Members

As new users turned to Headspace for mental wellness, Headspace turned to dscout to pinpoint their key motivations.

Field Reports 7/20/2021

Equitable Access As Experience Strategy

How OJO Labs’ Larcombe Teichgraeber used dscout to inject empathy into the home-buying process and support an equitable experience design.

Field Reports 5/6/2021

Understanding How Remote Learning Is Changing Our Relationship with Nature

Stanford University’s Veronica Lin and the Social Ecology Lab used everyday moments to spot trends in at-home learning and compare two models of content delivery.

Field Reports 3/30/2021

Innovation From The Edges: Using dscout to Learn From Users with Access Needs

How Motional conducted remote “ride-along” research to gather product-shaping journey data

Field Reports 10/29/2020

How Pluie Conducted Rapid Research and Validated Their Product During COVID

When the pandemic hit, Pluie they knew it was an opportunity to help their users more than ever. That’s why they turned to dscout. 

Field Reports 10/15/2020

How Credit Karma Created Insight-Rich Journey Maps During Quarantine

When the global pandemic hit, Credit Karma relied on remote research, experimentation, and distributed analysis to build an insightful and impactful journey map. 

Field Reports 7/23/2020

How Medline Conducted Nimble Product Research on a Scrappy Budget

Medline needed to find out why their product wasn’t selling. The only problem: A tight budget. 

Field Reports 5/27/2020

How Zeus Jones Used dscout to Discover Gen Z's Fluid Identity

Gen Z is a generation defined by fluid identities. The way brands react to that fluidity determines if (and how) they connect with them.

Field Reports 5/20/2020

Winning Fans and Building Brands with Strategic Customer Input

Don Hall on how emerging qualitative methods can flatten access and create always-on user insights to fuel brand stories.

Field Reports 5/7/2020

Salesforce Ignite on Research that Delivers High-Level Business Value

Giving stakeholders what they want means developing great value props and meeting expectations. Here’s how Salesforce used dscout to do just that. 

Field Reports 3/19/2020

How Miraka Expanded its Customer Base by Leveraging In-Aisle Exploratory Research

Miraka wanted to see how their values as Māori brand would resonate with an audience abroad. Remote research was critical to understanding this new market. 

Field Reports 3/5/2020

User Research at the Extremes: How Coloplast Gets Insights on Taboo Subjects

Getting users to open up on sensitive subjects is as essential as it is difficult. Here’s how the team at Coloplast uses remote research to get it done.

Field Reports 1/30/2020

How Compass Digital Labs Delivers Insights Under Breakneck Deadlines

Ideally, you have a few weeks to run your usability tests. Sometimes, you need to speed things up. 

Field Reports 12/9/2019

Moving from “Quick-Fix Usability” to “Product-Shaping Usability” at Dropbox

If you want to be really thorough with your evaluative research—run your usability tests over weeks, not hours. 

Field Reports 11/26/2019

Bose Research on Amplifying Traditional Fieldwork and Exploring the Experimental

How Bose leveraged dscout to prime and prep for field work—and deepened their insights as a result.  

Field Reports 10/31/2019

How T-Mobile Used dscout to Harness Qual Data on Their Team’s (Lean) Timeline

T-Mobile’s Andrea Lindeman takes us through two transformative use cases for longitudinal, in-context research.

Field Reports 9/18/2019

LexisNexis on Uniting Data, Emotion, and Ethics in Legal UX Research

Jeanette Fuccella from LexisNexis on the power of video ethnography to break down stereotypes and inspire understanding.

Field Reports 8/21/2019

How to Dig Past the Surface Data with PetSafe

Maybe you have a limited budget for field research, or a team that’s over-reliant on quant. Maybe you need to ramp up recruiting, or engage your engineering team, or turn a robust study around within the week. The adaptive team at PetSafe did all of the above with dscout.

Field Reports 7/25/2019

Navigating Uncharted Experience Design Waters with Best Buy’s Matthew Doty

Matthew Doty breaks down the inspiration and execution of Best Buy’s future-forward vision for experience design.

Field Reports 6/26/2019

How The North Face Captures Context From Elite Athletes

Vanessa Dillof’s strategies for engaging hard-to-reach populations, democratizing research and building deliverables for key stakeholders.

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