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dscout 12/20/2021

Collaborative, Impactful, Inclusive: dscout Product Updates in 2021

Recapping the most need-to-know product updates and feature releases from the year.

dscout 11/30/2021

Bake Express into your Product Roadmap

Use quick-turn, mixed-data feedback to jumpstart (and align) your product development process.

dscout 11/30/2021

From Research Consultant to CXR

Maggie Schurr (Lead Research Advisor at dscout) highlights unique challenges consultants face and advice for more human-centered research.

dscout 10/26/2021

Bringing Quant to a Qual Party

Research Lead Rosalind Koff shares her strategies for mixing methods and a template to keep your projects on track.

dscout 10/7/2021

Using Private Research Panels for Ongoing, Rapid Customer Feedback

CXR Research Advisor Lauren Duquette highlights the advantages of using private research panels and how to build one on dscout.

dscout 9/28/2021

The Opportunity and Evolution of Digital User Research

CXR Lead Tim Rairdon highlights the unique insight opportunities of mediated research and walks through his preferred jobs-to-be-done template.

dscout 9/28/2021

Choose the Right Tool for the Job: Advice from Scouts

Understanding which projects your participants enjoy most not only enables better insights but creates a better experience for everyone.

dscout 9/17/2021

dscout Cheat Sheet: Feature Faves from our CXR Team

Our customer experience team highlights their favorite “unsung heroes” in the dscout platform.

dscout 8/18/2021

Camera...Action! 7 Impactful Ways to Leverage dscout's Video Question

Video prompts are more than just open-end question replacements. Here’s how to leverage video to unearth insights you’d miss via any other modality. 

dscout 8/16/2021

Elevate your Shopping Studies with Lindsey Kite

UX Research Advisor, Lindsey Kite, walks us through her go-to sample design and shares a few tips on getting started with dscout.

dscout 5/20/2021

Iterative Study Designs: Why (and How) to Follow Up on Qual Research

Iterative studies are an incredible tool expanding on your insights. Dive into a handful of use cases and pull inspiration from our study on remote learning.

dscout 5/6/2021

Insights Three Ways: Express Mission Designs For A Range of Outputs

We wanted to know about young adults’ pandemic experience. We designed three, quick-turn Express missions—each of which produced vastly different (but widely valuable) types data. 

dscout 3/30/2020

Qual Research at the Speed and Scale Innovation Demands (New dscout Releases)

Now, more than ever, qual research needs to be accessible, flexible, and fast. Here are two new platform features that should expand your research capacity.

dscout 12/19/2019

What We Heard From Our Users (and What We Did About it) In 2019

We learned a lot, listened a lot, built a lot, and fixed a lot in 2019. Here’s an overview of what we heard from you, and how we improved. 

dscout 5/6/2019

Even Further In-Context: Better Recruiting and Collaboration Through dscout

What’s new to the dscout platform for remote qual—source qualified participants easier, share across your team and create video playlists in the platform

dscout 1/5/2019

Introducing: Omnichannel Research on dscout (Includes Study Design Templates for Your Next Project)

Learn more about our new omnichannel research capabilities, steal a sample study design, or get access to a sample project to explore the feature set for yourself.

dscout 1/3/2019

The Top 10 Ways we Made dscout Better, Faster and Easier to Use in 2018

With platform improvements big and small: here are 10 of the upgrades we’re proud to deliver from 2018.

dscout 11/8/2018

The dscout Tip Sheet

A resource featuring advice and pro tips on how researchers can better use dscout.

Last updated 12-4-2018

dscout 11/1/2018

7 Ways dscout Gets You from Questions to Insights Faster

Shave weeks off your recruiting and analysis timelines. Here’s how dscout can help you find the right people for your study, and surface the right insights from their responses.

dscout 11/1/2018

5 Easy Ways to Craft More Impactful Deliverables with dscout

Want a good way to elevate your deliverable? Here’s how dscout can help you out.

dscout 10/6/2018

Sharing is Essential: Collaborating and Socializing Insights with dscout

Research insights mean nothing in a vacuum. Here are some tools for bringing stakeholders onboard early, often, and meaningfully.  

dscout 6/13/2018

Announcing dscout Live

Talk to scouts. In context. Anywhere. Anytime.

dscout 4/12/2018

dscout Raises $7.5 Million Series B Funding Round

Platform helps companies better understand people’s experience in the context of everyday life

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