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Ideas 4/22/2021

Research Design Lessons from Uber's Mixed-Method, 7-Market, 100+ Participant Study

An ambitious longitudinal study informed the global Uber Pro launch. Use the team’s learnings to guide your next long-qual research project. 

Ideas 4/21/2021

A 9-Step Process for Prioritizing User Research Projects

Plus: a template you can use to better “grade” your project requests. 

Ideas 4/21/2021

6 Typical Stages of the User Research Job Interview (And How to Prepare for Each)

Advice from a hiring manager on each phase of the UXR interview process—from your first HR screener, to your final offer call. 

Ideas 4/15/2021

Ideating with Artifacts: A Blueprint for Workshops that Create Unignornable Insights

An inside look at Stitch Fix’s ”Passport to Personalization” workshop—an innovative way to socialize dynamic customer personas. 

Ideas 4/14/2021

Beyond Brainstorming: 5 Essential Tips for Smarter Group Ideation

Group ideation is too important to leave to chance. These key principles will help you balance both the art AND science of running productive, inclusive—and fun—ideation sessions.

Ideas 4/8/2021

Bad User Research Advice: How to (Delicately) Deal with Unhelpful Feedback

Here are a few ways to redirect and reassure when stakeholder feedback feels off-base. 

Ideas 4/1/2021

Designing an Ethical + Engaging Research Experience: Advice from 250+ Participants

We asked research participants what makes a study feel valuable, equitable, and interesting to them. They gave us dos and don’ts worth commiting to memory. 

Ideas 3/31/2021

How to Support Your Colleagues Right Now: Approaches for Healthier Research Team Dynamics

Breaking through burnout is a team sport. Internal surveys and “venting sessions” can help. 

Ideas 3/25/2021

48-Hour Insights: What Makes A Brand Trustworthy?

We learned how 100 Gen-Z participants gauge whether a company is “trustworthy,” and probed on when having established trust is most important to them.

Ideas 3/25/2021

User Research Cover Letters: What Hiring Managers Look For (Includes an Example)

Use these do’s and don’t’s to navigate the most mystifying step of your job application process. 

Ideas 3/18/2021

Time Management for User Researchers: Tips for Sanity, Productivity, and Impact

Here’s an approach for dividing and defending your time while wearing the many “hats” of user research. 

Ideas 3/18/2021

48-Hour Insights: Finding Balance, A Year Into “The COVID Era”

We asked 100 participants what behaviors, routines, and practices they are adopting to keep themselves feeling together. And about what services, and products they believed were helping—and hindering—their sense of balance.

Ideas 3/11/2021

3 Strategies for "Templatizing" Your User Research (Includes Example Templates)

Templates help streamline your processes, so you can approach the most important elements of your work with more creativity and rigor. 

Ideas 3/3/2021

Finding the Research Question Behind the Business Question

Use this exercise to solicit buy-in, uncover exciting user questions, and get your stakeholders thinking user-centrically. 

Ideas 3/3/2021

Dealing with Burnout as a User Researcher

How to recognize it, discuss it, and get past it. 

Ideas 2/25/2021

8 Collaborative (and Fun) Ways to Communicate Insights Remotely

Times have changed—and so should the way you share insights. 

Ideas 2/25/2021

6 Pillars of Effective Researcher-Stakeholder Relationships

It’s not so much about managing stakeholders, but managing with them. 

Ideas 2/18/2021

Comparative Usability Testing: A Key Method for Actionable Design Feedback

Here’s how comparative usability testing can help you decide which designs work for your users and which don’t. 

Ideas 2/11/2021

How to Start a User Research Review Practice (And Why Your Team Should)

To grow as researchers, we need to seek and accept feedback from our peers. For that, we should take a page out of the designer’s playbook. 

Ideas 2/11/2021

Your First Steps to Research Democratization: Obstacles + Opportunities

Democratization is crucial—but you can do too much of it. Learn to strike that balance to give your stakeholders the tools they need to conduct good research. 

Ideas 2/11/2021

7 Lessons Learned From Mentoring New UXRs

You learn a lot teaching others. Here are 7 valuable lessons learned training junior researchers. 

Ideas 2/4/2021

How to Help Your Stakeholders Better Connect with Users

Instead of trying to teach empathy, go further with these three engagement tactics. 

Ideas 2/4/2021

5 Experts Offer Strategies for Ethical Participant Management

We asked experts for their best advice for moving from “transactional” to “cooperative” participant engagement. 

Ideas 1/28/2021

How to Prep for (and Nail) a UXR Job Interview

If you want to blow them away during the interview, you need to start prepping beforehand. 

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