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PN Finding Friends HERO
The Power of Working Cross-Departmentally as a User Researcher

Want to widen your UXR impact? Make friends with folks in new departments. (And we don’t just mean product and design).

PN Qualitative Analysis HERO
Foolproof Qualitative Analysis Tactics—For Whether You Have a Month or an Afternoon

Use these tactics to analyze for findings that “fit”—even when your timeline doesn’t suit the study.

PN App Alongs HERO
Websites, Apps, Omnichannel: Researching the Full Digital Experience (+ Sample Study Designs)

Users switch between desktop and mobile seamlessly—so why do we study them in a silo? Here are a few qual research tactics that’ll help you uncover the complete digital picture.

PN The Evolving HERO
We’re Conducting Research at the Speed of Agile. Here’s a Case for Slowing Down.

[OPINION] You’re not “falling behind”—you’re doing too much. It’s time we set the expectations straight.

PN Making Your HERO
User “Choose Your Own Adventure” Stories: A Creative Research Deliverable You’ll Actually Have Time to Execute

Journey maps are often linear. Your customer’s experiences almost never are. Here’s a new spin on an old research tactic that’ll engage and energize your stakeholders.

PN Gen Research HERO
Generative UX Research: A Complete Guide

Exploratory, discovery, problem-space, foundational…generative research goes by many names. But its objective is always the same: know your users better, so you can to design for them well. Here’s a comprehensive framework to get you started.

PN Creating Remote Ready HERO
Here’s How to Make your Study Design Remote-Mobile Ready

Remote-mobile research can get you some powerful data—but to gather it effectively, you’ll need to shift your study design. Here’s how to set yourself up for success.

Conducting Diary Studies: A Start-to-Finish Guide

If you want see your participants up close and in-context—diary studies should be a part of your methodological toolkit. Here’s how to run one with fewer hiccups and more impact.

PN Facilitating Workshops HERO 1
User Research Workshops: Why, When, and How You Should Ideate as a Team

Motivating your stakeholders. Unearthing new insights. Building trust. Reducing bias. There are countless reasons to host workshops as a UXR. Here’s how to execute one with confidence.

PN UXR Insights Recap HERO
The 6 Research Process Pillars of a More Dynamic Customer Journey Map

Too many customer journey maps focus entirely on what your users are doing. Let’s take a moment to talk about why they’re doing it and how you can pave the way to make their path-to-decision smoother.


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