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Podcast 9/15/2022

Podcast Ep. 8: Emerging UX Trends (w/ Ben from People Nerds)

Listen in on a special one-on-one with People Nerds’ Ben Wiedmaier, sharing his unique perspective in the industry.

Podcast 8/31/2022

Podcast Episode 7: The Power of Sociolinguistic Bias (w/ Dr. Nicole Holliday)

Sociolinguistics studies how language allows people to navigate the social world. That may have a big impact on your research.

Podcast 8/11/2022

Podcast Episode 6: Our Role as Storytellers (w/ Dr. Umi Hsu)

When it comes to storytelling, collecting and paring down qualitative and quantitative data is what really shapes the narrative.

Podcast 8/4/2022

Podcast Episode 5: Salt, Fat, Acid, UXR?! (w/ Samin Nosrat)

Samin Nosrat, known for her Netflix show and cookbook, shares how her love of food reflects on user experience.

Podcast 7/28/2022

Podcast Episode 4: Data Decisions (w/ Dr. Peter K. Enns)

Cornell Professor and Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Peter K. Enns knows a thing or two about rigorous studies. We walk through an overview of some of his tips.

Podcast 7/21/2022

Podcast Episode 3: Designing a Design Museum (w/ Tanner Woodford)

What actually constitutes good design? And what is a designer’s role in an organization? We investigate with Tanner Woodford.

Podcast 7/13/2022

Podcast Episode 2: The Video Game Experience (w/ Veronica Zammitto)

UX video game expert Veronica Zammitto has brought her expertise to Electronic Arts for almost a decade. Hear her insights on engaging entertainment.

Podcast 7/7/2022

Podcast Episode 1: Fandoms (w/ Dr. Paul Booth)

Cinema and Media Studies professor Dr. Paul Booth dissects the differences between the “average consumer” and a fan, and what we can learn from studying fandoms. 

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