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Erika Hall 2056x683
Erika Hall Knows How to Fix Your Design Process (But You’re Probably Not Going to Like It)

The Mule Design co-founder and Just Enough Research author on why doing good research scares us, experience design is a misnomer, and real creativity requires logging off.

PT Cordelia H HERO
How the Thumbtack Team of Three Scaled Research to 200+ Stakeholders

Cordelia Hyland on what “research democratization” really means—and where it can fall short.

PN Ovetta HERO
Marry Data Science with User Research. Ethical Design Depends on It.

IDEO alum Ovetta Sampson on the future of data science, UX, and bringing forth the individual behind every data point.

PN Thaniya K HERO
Letting Curiosity Guide You From "First Answer" to "Final Answer"

Patreon’s Thaniya Keereepart on the right way to ask “why” and the moments that reframe the way we think about our impact.

PN Kate T HERO 1
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Your User Research Process)

Research Ops Manager at Atlassian Kate Towsey talks to us about clearing the way for great research with an organizational machete.

Pn Margie Hero
How We Hack Tech (And What That Says About Us)

Clinical psychologist and former Intel research scientist Margaret Morris on how individual technology hacks shine a light on what users really crave.

Pn Priya Hero
A Look Inside Your Users' Heads

Headspace’s Design Research Lead on building qualitative research on the expertise of behavioral science and 6,000 years of meditation theory.

Pn Steve Hero
Finding the 'Aha!' Moment

Expert user researcher Steve Portigal breaks down why thinking about bias and mistakes is the key to joyful discovery.

Pn Margaretlaws Hero
Co-designing Cancer Recovery

Hopelab President Margaret Laws delves into the company’s teen-centric, tech-enabled design process.

Pn David Keegan Hero
The Unlimited Value of User Feedback

David Keegan of investment app Acorns on the high-value ROI of feedback from users.


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