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People Nerds Category: Conversations

Conversations 4/8/2021

Listening Beyond the Lab

Ximena Vengoechea literally wrote the book on listening. Here’s her advice for richer conversations—both in and outside of the workplace.

Conversations 3/18/2021

UX: Our Past and Future

Jared Spool reflected on his decades-held defining role in the UX space—giving us insights into where the field has been, and predictions to where it could be heading.

Conversations 3/10/2021

Beta Testing: A Mixed-Methods Playground

Beta testing offers ample mixed-methods opportunities, providing rich insights on lean timelines.

Conversations 3/3/2021

To Build A Better Research Practice, Build Better Relationships

Solo-UXRs are often tasked with filling research gaps while building an orgs research acumen. Dave Chen from Flipp has suggestions for growing our volume of research, alongside our company’s research maturity. 

Conversations 2/25/2021

How to Design for a Global Audience

The lessons learned from CMF design aren’t just good for consumer products. They can help you conduct good digital research too. 

Conversations 2/18/2021

The Art (and Importance) of Building Rapport

Connecting with our users not only opens them up for more discussion, it makes them feel safe, secure, and ready to be vulnerable.

Conversations 2/4/2021

The Human-Centered Philosophy That Transcends

30+ years of making experiences more intuitive, natural, and delightful—Ed Halpern of AbbVie on carrying a human-centered ethos across contexts and questions.

Conversations 1/28/2021

Connecting People with Policy

Dana Chisnell explains why voting has never been safer (and more important) than it is today. 

Conversations 1/14/2021

Who We Design For

Crystal Yan talks to us about the beauty of working in the public sector and what happens when our careers hit close to home. 

Conversations 1/7/2021

What Research Looks Like Now

Starting a career in UX research comes with a lot of questions. Gregg Bernstein’s upcoming book Research Practice attempts to answer them.  

Conversations 12/10/2020

Every Space is Political

Transformative justice is more crucial than ever. Sarah Fathallah believes researchers are primed to assist in this critical moment if we can “move at the speed of trust.”

Conversations 10/29/2020

Defense Against Harmful Patterns

It’s one of the most pernicious design choices out there—and Vidhika Bansal wants to fight it. 

Conversations 10/15/2020

How to Design for the Margins

Designers need to be mindful that they’re designing with their users and not just for them. Dr. Christina Harrington believes community-based participatory design can get us there.  

Conversations 9/24/2020

How We (Re)Define “Having It All”

What it means to “have it all” has changed. Etienne Fang, Principal Researcher at Amazon, wants to explore how people around the world redefine it.

Conversations 8/27/2020

How to Redesign for Justice

If systems of injustice and inequality can be designed, that means they can be redesigned too. Antionette Carroll, founder of the Creative Reaction Lab, teaches us about redesigning for real, community-led change.

Conversations 8/13/2020

How We Can Tell Better Stories

Telling a good story is more than a beginning, middle, and end. Meg Ferrill of The Moth and Nimbly breaks down the fundamentals of storytelling. 

Conversations 7/16/2020

Good Design is Cross-Cultural

Every day, the world around us becomes more and more globalized — and, as a result, so must our work.

Conversations 7/9/2020

Why (and How) to Pay Attention to Accessibility in Design

When it comes to design, there’s no such thing as edge cases. Lauren Isaacson explains why. 

Conversations 7/2/2020

Discovering the Art of Creative Rebellion

He’s been a starving artist in Europe, painted for Shugendo priests in Japan, and gotten rip-roaringly drunk with Beat poets. Now John S. Couch wants to help designers everywhere remember how to do the most crucial aspect of their craft: create.

Conversations 6/26/2020

How to Find the Bears in Your Forest

Autumn Sanders Foster believes orgs can face challenges around racial injustice and inequity in the world head on. To do that, they need to start by facing them in the office.

Conversations 5/21/2020

At the Intersection of Tech and Commerce

After working in some of the biggest publications in tech, Dan Frommer decided to strike out on his own with his latest venture: The New Consumer. 

Conversations 4/30/2020

How to be a Teacher—Not an Oracle

Democratizing UX is crucial for any scaling org—but what does that look like in practice?

Conversations 4/23/2020

How to Listen To (and Learn From) Your Body

Learning is more than what we take in with our brain. Dr. Simon Roberts shows us how we can unlock the potential of “embodied knowledge.”

Conversations 2/27/2020

How We Empathize in UX Matters

Social UX researcher Alba Villamil tells us how designers can better impact disadvantaged communities.

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