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New Feature: Entries by Scout

See every scout’s submissions in your dscout projects, all in one place.

Words by Kari Dean McCarthy

Wish you could follow a scout's responses from mission to mission?

Wondering what Sara B. from Mission 2 said in her screener?

dscout's new Entries by Scout feature makes it easier for researchers to see every scout's project information—their screener application and mission snippets—in one place.

Check it out

Head to the main project page (for any project where your scouts have completed a screener or some missions). Click Entries by Scout in the lower-left corner.

From here, you can:

  • Access the list of all scouts added to a project—either promoted from a screener or added directly to a mission.
  • View all scouts in the project by selected category (name, age, gender, home, device OS). Scout photos are visible to make sorting easier.
  • Select a single scout to view their screener info (if applicable) and all their snippets in all missions in that project. A scout’s extended profile is also visible (if available).
  • View all of a scout’s media in the media player.
  • Export all of a scout’s images and videos for the project.

Want more details? See how you can access entries by scouts in the platform today.

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