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Use Cases

Capture real people’s everyday experiences in a wide variety of in-context study types, to answer the questions that matter most to your business.

Foundational Research

Begin by building understanding of your people

Generative Research

Find new opportunities by exploring your peoples’ hopes and needs

Evaluative Research

Understand if your solution is connecting with your people and how to improve

In-home product trial

No matter how much you test in the lab, things change when products meet real life. Capture people’s first moments with your product and then highlights and lowlights over time.

Omnichannel shop-along

On a phone. In a store. At home. Back again. Shopping today is messy. The nuance of this journey is hard to capture in an interview. With dscout, you can see the real journey people go on to buy your product or service, as they take it.

In-store innovation audit

You’ve spent millions making a new product or service. Do people actually see it when they go shopping? Send scouts on a mission and have them share what catches their eye in a product or category.


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