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Localize your research on the dscout app

dscout is now available in six additional languages through localization features.

Words by Kari Dean McCarthy

Excited to field a study in Puebla? Frankfurt? Guangdong?

Just say ¡sí!, ja! or ! Then, launch your next dscout mission, because dscout is now available in six additional languages:

Chinese (中文), French (Français), German (Deutsche),
Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어), Spanish (Español)

Deliver a fully localized experience

Allowing scouts to navigate in their native language removes barriers to clarity. They understand better what you want; you get better responses for your research.

How it works

Write your research questions in the language of your choice. The dscout app—including automated invitations, instructions, and notifications—will appear in the language used by each scout's phone—iOS or Android. Want to know more? Check out our support-center article on localization.

Do you field research in a lot of places? Do you want to?
Learn more about doing research with dscout.

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