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Managing Scouts: Easier, Faster, Smarter

Spend less time managing, and gain more power analyzing.

Words by Kari Dean McCarthy

Researchers are very, very busy. Closely managing scouts can make you even busier. But you want high-quality research content for analysis, right?

With these new updates, we aimed to reduce the time needed for scout management, while improving the organization of your data for analysis: win-win!

To get there, our Product, Engineering, Consulting and Success teams collaborated with our Pro and Enterprise customers. And with a big lift from the development team, we are happy to offer a host of changes we believe can make a big impact on the quality of your time spent executing a dscout project.

So much great new stuff! Here are some of the biggest highlights to look for:

  • Pre-scripted scout message templates make it fast-and-easy to reach out to scouts at the right time with the right words!
  • At a glance, see how many entries each scout has submitted compared to how many are required.
  • View scouts with filters showing their project stages. (Who has been invited but not accepted? Who has accepted but not started? Who started but has fallen behind? Who is all done? etc.)
  • Invite all scouts with a single click
  • Move scouts from group to group, in bulk.
  • The “No Group” group enables you to you easily identify which scouts have not been grouped yet.
  • A “completed” group is no longer required—just mark scouts as Mission Accomplished when they complete their final mission, and payment is so much easier.

That really is just a topline—there's so much more you'll find that makes fielding your dscout project easier, faster, and more useful for analysis.

Check out this dscout Knowledge Base page for more details.

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